Surgery Equipment

Norton County Hospital works to keep up to date with the latest technologies and equipment for patient care. This includes some of our newer surgery equipment. Surgeries are provided by visiting specialists that include orthopedics, podiatry and OBGYN.




The hospital’s new C-Arm can assist with various surgeries and procedures, including for example podiatry procedures, hardware removal and interventional fluoroscopy. The C-Arm is a medical imaging device that is based on X-ray technology. The name is derived from the C-shaped arm used in OR and clinic settings.

Surgery Towers

The towers seen here are used for a variety of surgical procedures. They help maintain the consistency of hand-held surgical devices by reading tissue composition in real time.

Surgery System

Innovation that enhances patient care – this system is used for laparoscopic procedures, for example, on knees and shoulders by the orthopedic surgeon. It can also be used in various other general surgical procedures.

Tourniquet System

This tourniquet system includes a pressure-regulated control unit, hose assembly and an inflatable tourniquet cuff. The cuff inflates with air to a preset pressure to compress the patient’s blood vessels during surgical procedures, which ensures a bloodless operative field. This piece of equipment is often used in surgeries by the orthopedic and podiatry specialists.

Surgical Suction

This machine helps with suction and evacuation of surgical smoke from cauterizing tissue to stop any bleeding or to prevent a wound from becoming infected.

Steam Sterilizer

The steam sterilizer is used to clean and disinfect surgical instruments between procedures. The added cart helps staff to load and unload the instruments.

Surgical Drills

Our surgery department has a cordless drill and other drill with a cord – these are used in many orthopedic and other surgical procedures at NCH.

Surgical Drill

This particular piece of equipment is smaller and easier to use for the surgeon to have more maneuverability, precision and control. It is commonly used by the podiatrist.

Cordless Driver

The cordless driver is used for surgeries we do at NCH such as ACL repairs and Rotator cuff repairs, but can be used during any surgery requiring power tools such as total joints.