Tyce Bruton, Engineering

Ty Bruton Ty Bruton is the supervisor for the Engineering department at Norton County Hospital. He has worked at the hospital since July 1987.

A native of Hill City, Kansas, Ty graduated from Hill City High School and later attended North Central Kansas Technical College (NCK Tech) in Beloit, Kansas, where he received education in plumbing, heating and air conditioning. He has also completed classes in small gas engines, large gas engines, electrical wiring, welding and mechanical drawing.

Ty has worked in concrete construction and the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical fields. Since employment with the Norton County Hospital, he has taken various classes in refrigeration, boiler and steam trap maintenance, and HVAC maintenance, to name a few. Ty can repair, maintain and install equipment related to plumbing, electrical, HVAC, refrigeration and health care. He also maintains and repairs building structures, and he maintains the landscaping.

Among Ty's primary tasks and roles are to direct and supervise operations of power plant and maintenance/repair programs involving building equipment and grounds. He coordinates maintenance and repair activities with functions of other departments. He says rural hospital engineers are often required to perform a wider variety of tasks than engineers at larger hospitals. For example, larger hospitals often have separate boiler operators, HVAC technicians and bio-med technicians, whereas a smaller hospitals' engineers need to understand how to perform and balance a variety of tasks. Ty enjoys his job, because it is both challenging as well as interesting.

To contact Ty, call 785-877-3351, or email him at tbruton@ntcohosp.com.